JULY 14th, 2023

/store Conversations into Knowledge Base

It’s such a hassle to dig through files or message your busy teammates to find the answer to one question. On the flip side, it’s tiring to answer the same questions repeatedly to different team members, or developing shared FAQ files/docs that no one reads or gets cluttered anyways. Meet the /store command of QueryPal — the solution to all of the above.

Think of /store as enabling a trio of document-driven (magic) features: smooth document creation, immediate document storing, and one-stop searching via document references. Let’s dive into what this means in detail.

Document Creation Made Simple

Say goodbye to tedious note-taking, making bullet-point summaries of conversations for the rest of the team, or scrolling through messages to find that one bit of info you need.

QueryPal will create formatted documents from your conversations, clearly notating things like the issue at hand and the provided solution. Think: personal assistant meets scribe. Just hit the backslash, type “store,” and QueryPal will handle the rest.

Of course, you have the power to store only what you need from a conversation. If you message Mike for the first 5 minutes about general updates and the last 10 minutes to resolve an issue, then you can specify that you want QueryPal only to store the last 10 minutes of that conversation.

Integrate with Ease

You can also select the location of where you document will go when you /store. That’s about as much manual work you’ll need to do with QueryPal, however. By seamlessly integrating document store, such as Confluence or Notion, your documents are automatically indexed and neatly organized into your preferred knowledge base. In short, creating a summarized document of information doesn’t require you to open a new tab or leave Slack, period. Just a few clicks, and your information silos are gone.

One-Stop Bot

And here's where QueryPal truly shines: next time you have a burning question, simply ask @QueryPal. Let’s say someone asked you how to resolve an issue they were having, and you worked out a solution together. You used the/store function to create a summarized doc that got saved to your team’s Confluence. The next day, another teammate runs into the same issue. But instead of pinging you during your meetings, they simply ask QueryPal, which provides the exact answer needed from the doc you created and stored the other day. Why do detectives work on team-based information when you can trust QueryPal as your personal Sherlock? All it needs is integration with your stored conversations.

Say goodbye to the days of redundant questioning and welcome a future where knowledge flows like a well-oiled machine. No more "I asked Tom, and he said ask Sally." QueryPal is your one-stop-shop (or, your one-stop bot) for streamlined communication. Let QueryPal handle the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on what you do best - tackling any task with confidence.

Try for Your Team!

Matching its streamlined functionality, QueryPal offers a hassle-free setup experience. Explore our public workspace for a free sandbox where you can write code by interacting with our chatbot, QueryPal. Alternatively, join the waitlist to add QueryPal to your own workspace and unlock its full potential. Try QueryPal today and experience the joy of a truly collaborative and informed work environment. Let's make every workday a breeze!

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