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What is QueryPal?

We’re experiencing a shift from relying on static documents to dynamic, chat-based communication. QueryPal revolutionizes the way organizations handle information flow by transforming repetitive chat queries into instant, automated knowledge. Using chat history, Wikis, knowledge bases, and even uploaded files, QueryPal chatbot automates answers to frequently asked questions, preventing burnout from repetitive tasks and saving time and energy for more critical questions.

For organizations looking into how to improve efficiency, the productivity gains you get from a chatbot like QueryPal is significant. Imagine all your best practices, how-to guides, processes, and support questions served to any authorized employee in real time — all in chat.

How does QueryPal work?

When you give QueryPal access to your chat channels and knowledge bases, the chatbot will pull information from a wide variety of sources, including Slack and Microsoft Teams conversations, Notion, Confluence, and uploaded documents, to answer internal questions in chat instantly. QueryPal goes the extra mile by offering context and references from where it pulls its answers.

What are some use cases that QueryPal can handle?

QueryPal supports a wide range of use cases. Here are some examples.

Onboarding: on your first day, you can avoid all the hopping from platform, to app, to Slack/Teams channels, to docs, to Google Drive. Instead you can ask whatever you need in your designated chat channel. Simply ask questions like “How do I get started?” or “What are our holidays?” in the #newhire channel and QueryPal can instantly scan the organization’s knowledge base (wherever it resides) and provide concise and relevant answers.

DevOps: QueryPal can be integrated with all commonly used platforms like Kubernetes, AWS, Google Drive, Notion, Confluence, and more — seamlessly retrieve information across diverse applications. Tired of answering the same question over and over from your developers like, “How do I connect to the database?” QueryPal’s got your back.

Customer Support: Customers are beginning to expect immediate answers to most questions, even if some questions are more suited for support tickets. With QueryPal, customer success teams could leverage a helper that can auto-answer redundant questions so customers can get their answers fast. Prior resolved conversations with customers and knowledge base articles serve as training sets for identifying common queries and serving responses.

Is QueryPal available anywhere besides Slack?

QueryPal is available as a chatbot in Slack and Microsoft Teams. We’re working hard to make QueryPal available in other communication platforms like Discord and Google Workspace.

How can I ensure the accuracy of the responses generated by the app?

Our app strives to provide accurate responses, but it's important to keep in mind that the nature of language models may result in occasional inaccuracies. To enhance accuracy, consider providing clear and specific input, and double-check critical information independently when needed. We also welcome user feedback to continuously improve the app's performance.

How can I get started with QueryPal?

If you’re ready to try QueryPal in your workspace, feel free to connect with us to start a free trial. During our white glove onboarding, we’ll get you set up quickly and answer any questions or requests you have along the way.

How much does QueryPal cost?

We offer a free trial along with white glove onboarding to get you started. Schedule a demo to determine the right pricing plan for your company. See our pricing page for more information.

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