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Keep your knowledge safe and secure

Set up role based access permissions for docs — synced automatically from your knowledge bases. And yes, we are SOC2 compliant.

Create a personalized AI chatbot for each team in minutes

Ensure accurate, contextualized results trained on your company documents that update in real time.

Give your team full control over bot settings

From document access and chatbot admins all the way white-labeled branding, give your team full control over the bot settings.

Unlock lead potential from conversations

Boost your team's efficiency and uncover valuable insights with detailed analytics and customizable reports, helping you convert more interactions into actionable opportunities.

Unlimited connections to...

Slack • Microsoft teams • Notion • Google Drive • Jira • Confluence • GitHub

AWS • Kubernetes • StackOverflow • OneDrive • SharePoint • ServiceNow • ClickUp

Unlimited connections to...

A personalized AI copilot for every team

Designed for usability, security and flexibility

Resolve repetitive questions in chat instantly

AI answer automation

Get your team instant answers for repeat questions using your company documents.

Works where you work

Setup chatbot for any function, restrict documents. Compatible with both Slack and Teams.

Secure permissions

Customize and enforce guardrails to ensure answers comply with real-time permissions.

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