March 20th, 2024

Knowledge Management:

Why One Size Does NOT Fit All

by Burhan Drak Sabai, Software Engineer at QueryPal

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The Problem

The 'one size fits all' strategy in knowledge management, while prevalent, is deeply flawed. It operates under the assumption that every query can be met with a single, universal answer. However, this approach is grossly inadequate in today's complex, information-rich knowledge bases—particularly within digital communication platforms like Slack and MS Teams. Queries in these environments often require nuanced, context-specific responses, which vary significantly based on the query's context, location, and the asker's identity. This inherent problem underscores the necessity for a more tailored approach, such as the one offered by QueryPal.

What is QueryPal?

QueryPal isn't just another app; it's a paradigm shift in digital communication. It integrates seamlessly as a bot within Slack or Microsoft Teams, equipped with a dashboard for easy management of users and integrations. Once set up, QueryPal works in the background and is ready to provide accurate, context-aware responses to your queries. It's compatible with various platforms, ensuring it fits perfectly into your digital workflow.

Custom Pals

Acknowledging the mentioned challenges, QueryPal shifts from a monolithic to a modular and adaptive framework, addressing the core issue head-on by introducing "Pals" — interactive AI Knowledge Managers adept at navigating the rich tapestry of your company's data landscape. From EngineeringPal to HrPal to SalesPal, each Pal is finely tuned to its designated domain's unique requirements and data sources, offering personalized assistance and insights directly within Slack and Microsoft Teams. This customization ensures that every interaction is relevant, efficient, and perfectly aligned with your unique needs, making you feel truly understood.

In Action

Creating a custom Pal (Bot) is straightforward. After installing the app in Slack, you're guided to the admin dashboard for managing integrations, Pals, and users.

Within the dashboard, you can add, edit, and remove knowledge bases of diverse types.

Next, I set out to create an EngineeringPal, granting it exclusive access to our Engineering team's Notion, the engineering Slack channel, OneDrive, and Engineering PDFs.

Voilà! Our EngineeringPal is ready for action. Following a similar process, we then create a GTMPal linked to our go-to-market data and have posting rights solely in the #gtm Slack channel.

We decide to put it to the test with two employees, Burhan from GTM and Asmitha from engineering, each asking "How to onboard" in their respective channels.

Did you notice how each answer was tailored precisely to their needs and context? This demonstrates the power and value of QueryPal's Pals in action. By providing personalized, context-driven responses, Pals ensure that every team member receives the information most relevant to their role and situation, enhancing efficiency and productivity across the board.

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