March 12th, 2024

Dealing with fragmented knowledge

by Asmitha Rathis, Machine Learning Engineer at QueryPal

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In today's enterprises, data is everywhere. As enterprises expand, their reliance on a multitude of tools increases, resulting in fragmented knowledge scattered across various platforms. When we want to find something written a couple of months ago, we end up looking through the numerous platforms and it can be time consuming. As you can imagine, this fragmentation causes inefficiencies. Our valuable time is lost in context switching and searching through these multiple sources.

The key lies in aggregating data that is found across various sources, including communication platforms (Slack, Teams, Discord), documentation tools (Notion, Confluence, Google Drive, One Drive), and task management systems (Jira, Monday), as well as external documents (websites, shared PDFs, Box).

How can we solve this? Well, we require a universal knowledge management system capable of searching all your tools without the need for additional software.

Lets say you wanted to ask a question like “How can I onboard?” - There is a conversation on Slack about onboarding contacts, theres a formal document on Notion for a company wide onboard guide, and theres also a pdf on OneDrive that a recently employed teammate added with some onboarding tasks.

QueryPal can help you here - you add your tools at a single click and have your questions answered in no time. So now we have an assistant that can increase your productivity by managing and searching through your company’s tools.

There's another layer to this problem. Let’s consider this from another perspective: the same question coming from your teammate. Would they need the same answer or a different one? For example an engineer asking “How do I onboard?” is very different from a new marketer joining the company. The former will require documents about machine setup with the right technical stack, but the marketer would need to know how to get access to the right tools and where the content is. What are we missing here? We need more context! The need for context about the person asking the question - What is the role of the user, which team do they belong to, which channels do they post on? Without the additional context, the system struggles to determine the intent behind the query, which requires the user to provide additional context to obtain the correct answer.

At QueryPal we can help you with this set of problems. Firstly, QueryPal can integrate with many of your tools, such as Notion, Confluence, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Jira. QueryPal is currently available as a slack app, so any questions on slack can be answered within Slack and you avoid opening multiple tabs and avoid the hassle of context switching. We also provide and option where you can customize an assistant that is curated for your persona - based knowledge. So imagine having an EngineerPal, SalesPal, HRPal and more. Stay tuned for more feature updates and enhancements as we continue to improve QueryPal to better meet your needs.

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